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Over the past twenty years, Matt has worked on hundreds of projects, big and small, including large national and international concert tours, major themed attractions, touring theatre productions, television shows, as well as large corporate events and trade show booths. Matt’s lighting has been seen all around the world by millions of people.

Matt got his start in lighting in his hometown of Jacksonville Florida, working in local nightclubs and concert halls. He eventually made his way to Orlando Florida after accepting a position at the new House of Blues venue. Shortly after that he was offered a position with Walt Disney World where he was able to take his skillset to a higher level. From there Matt accepted a job with Christie Lites, which placed him on tour with 3 Doors Down as their Lighting Designer. Eventually, Matt made the freelance jump which made it possible for him to accept a larger number of projects ranging from large touring productions to television shows to corporate shows. Since making the freelance jump, Matt has developed quite the list of clients and projects he has been a part of.

Recent concert productions include Motley Crue, KoRn, Sammy Hagar, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Michael Buble as well as many corporate event clients.

In 2012 honored by his industry peers at the Tour Link Conference by winning the Top Dog Award for Lighting Director / Operator of the year for his work with Linkin Park

As a programmer, Matt contributes to the overall lighting of a project by adding his years of experience and expertise to the show. Matt is a self-proclaimed “technology geek” and enjoys learning as much as possible about emerging technologies within the events world which helps him stay in front of the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Matts latest technology that he has embraced is the remote follow spot system, Follow Me. He was fortunate to be introduced to this amazing technology early in its inception and bought into several systems. Matt has become one of the “go to” people in the US for Follow Me systems and regularly rents his systems to work colleagues.

In late 2017 Matt joined forces with friends Andrew Douglas and Matt Grinko and accepted a new role, Partner & Lighting Designer, with the design firm Touch Light & Media. This new role has allowed Matt to take his skills even further managing the technical requirements for hundreds of high profile shows yearly. 

When Matt does actually take a break, he enjoys spending time at home in Florida on his lake with his wife Kerry and children Matt and Emily.

Click on the PDF to View My Professional Resume

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